The journalists:”THE FINGER WAS FASTER”



A new function of biometric identification Face ID, which allows you to unlock the device by scanning the user’s face, debuted in the smartphone Apple iPhone X. According to the resource of Tom’s Guide, unlocking a smartphone using Face ID is slower than using the Touch ID function that scans fingerprints.

In particular, using the stopwatch, it was found that to unlock the iPhone X it takes 1.2 seconds from the moment you press the side button, and then 0.4 seconds more goes to swipe up to access the main screen.

To access the main screen in the iPhone 7 Plus, using the Touch ID, it takes just 0.91 seconds. When using Raise to Wake and swipe on the display during the face recognition process, unlocking is faster – in 1.16 seconds – but still, it is slower than required in the case of the Touch ID.

At the same time, TechCrunch journalists insist that with daily use, Face ID still has advantages over Touch ID, as it provides more rational interaction.

For example, to view a notification to the user, you must first click on the notification image, and then on the Touch ID sensor, so that this notification opens. In other words, a gesture consisting of two stages is required. In the case of Face ID, the process of biometric identification occurs already during the process of pressing the notification, which allows you to get the result faster and with fewer actions.

However, in this case, measurements using a stopwatch have not been carried out. But for a short video posted on Twitter, you can real conclude that in some tasks, unlocking a smartphone with Face ID is faster than with a Touch ID.



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