Apple warns about possible “burnout” of the display of the new iPhone X


It’s obvious that the new era of Apple started not very successfully. The network is discussing the weaknesses of the new iPhone. Today I want to share it with you. Please, enjoy.

As you know, the newest iPhone X is the first Apple smartphone with an almost frameless OLED display. The common advantages include rich colours, the true black colour, basically unattainable on liquid crystal displays and significantly smaller than in comparison with LCD. But OLED technology has some shortcomings. The most significant of them, perhaps, is exposure to such a negative effect as “burning out”, which is manifested when the static image is displayed for a long time. And the other day Apple updated the corresponding page devoted to the display of the iPhone X, in order to notify customers about the appearance of this undesirable effect in the future.


Apple warns that when looking at an angle, colors and shades of the image on the screen may change and for OLED technology this is “absolutely normal”. Note, in the first reviews of the iPhone X this has already been mentioned. The weak side of OLED technology, mentioned in the first paragraph, is also mentioned by Apple. But at the same time the company emphasizes that the Super Retina display is the best on the market and designed in such a way as to minimize the risk of burnout.


Anyway, Apple recommends owners of the iPhone X use the automatic brightness control function, reduce the time interval for automatic screen locking and regularly update the smartphone software. All this should help maximize the life of the smartphone screen.


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