Apple Wars. Apple finally won the trial of Samsung


After several years of litigation, Apple finally won over Samsung in the case of illegal use of the Slide-to-unlock function to unlock mobile devices. The US Supreme Court refused to satisfy Samsung’s appeal, and now the Korean company is obliged to pay compensation to Apple in the amount of $ 120 million.


The first decision in this regard was carried out in 2014, after which several years the proceeding was roaming through the appellate courts. Apple detective Samsung of violating its patents relating to unlocking mobile devices using the Slide-to-unlock function, as well as automatically transforming some information (such as a phone number) into links that are suitable for clicking. After the first trial, Samsung was found guilty of violating both patents. But almost 2 years later this decision was cancelled, and then, in less than a year – again restored in force. After that, Samsung appealed to the Supreme Court, which finally put an end to the protracted patent confrontation.

It’s quite expected, Samsung expressed its disappointment with this decision of the Supreme Court. The company believes that now Apple will receive “unfair profits” from inactive patents.


However, it should be noted that this is not the last trial between the companies. Still in the process of consideration is another case of mutual violation of patents. In 2012, the court decided that Samsung was blamed for violating a number of Apple patents and should pay more than $ 1 billion in compensation. Then the amount of payment was reduced to $ 400 million, and in May of this year the case returned to the court.



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