Samsung C49HG90: Paradise for Gamers



Game monitors are now developing, perhaps, the fastest and one of the trends are large diagonals on an ultra-wide screen with a 21: 9 aspect ratios. The company Samsung went further and presented a model with 32: 9 screen proportions. Please, meet – 49-inch gaming monitor Samsung C49HG90.

With such dimensions Samsung C49HG90 is difficult to perceive as a desktop monitor – at a width of 120 cm it is entirely occupied by a regular computer desk, so if you prefer to keep the system unit on a table, there is no place for it there.

The monitor uses the usual “frameless” design, in which the screen surface is framed only by a thin metal line of the side edge when turned off. After turning it on, you can see that the frame around the display here is just hidden under the protective glass. However, the width of the frame, especially as for such a diagonal, is small.


Samsung C49HG90 is “Ultimate” gaming monitor with a huge diagonal, support for HDR and high refresh rate. Using the VA-panel with backlighting based on quantum dots, it was possible to achieve excellent static contrast, deep black color and high brightness required for HDR mode, as well as a sufficiently wide color coverage.

The curved surface of the screen makes the image perception at the periphery more comfortable and is perceived uniquely better than a flat screen of such a diagonal and at such a distance. The fault with this model can only be to a relatively low resolution – the density of pixels here is the same as that of conventional Full HD monitors with a diagonal of 27 “.




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