The Release of The Mobile Game Lineage 2: Revolution


Mobile game Lineage 2: Revolution has already conquered Asia, becoming a real hit on the home market in South Korea. And the beginning looks very good: more than 1.5 million players have already subscribed to the new MMORPG project of the South Korean developer Netmarble Games. Yesterday Netmarble Games officially launched Lineage II: Revolution on iOS and Android in the US and Europe.

Mobile Lineage 2: Revolution is based on the popular multiplayer game Lineage 2, released in 2003.  It is a fantasy online adventure, in which the player is free to choose a character from the entire spectrum of available races – people, elves and gnomes. And although Lineage 2: Revolution is a mobile game; it has retained the “soul” of the desktop version and is in no way inferior to it in terms of the scale of the battles. Suffice it to recall the PvP-mode Castle Siege (Siege of Castles), in which up to 200 players can simultaneously fight in one field.

The game also offers various PvP-modes of battle between players in real time, ranging from 1 to 1 and finishing scales by fights of 50 to 50. In terms of technical difficulty GamesBeat at a recent event Electronic Entertainment Expo called the game the best sequel to the Unreal Engine. By the way, this game is built on the engine Unreal Engine 4.


Lineage 2: Revolution was originally launched in South Korea in December 2016 and the first month brought developers $ 176 million. In June 2017, the game was launched in 11 countries in Asia, ranking first in the most popular applications of the Apple App Store and Google Play in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. In China, the game was launched in partnership with Tencent.

The Netmarble and the Kabam Games studio worked for about a year to localize the game for the markets of Europe and the USA.

You can download Lineage 2: Revolution for iOS and Android in official App Store and Google Play stores.



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