Artificial Intelligence XIAOYI Received a Doctor’s License

Generally, experts agree that artificial intelligence programs must undergo a series of tests before we can consider them to be really reasonable, that is, at the level equivalent to human cognition. But at the moment AI is busy passing other tests.

The robot Xiaoyi, developed in China, successfully passed the medical licensing examination. Not only did the robot pass the exam, in fact, it received 456 points, which is 96 points higher than the required score!

This robot, developed by the leading Chinese company of AI iFlytek Co. Ltd., was originally created to collect and analyze patient information. Now the developers have proved that Xiaoyi has mastered enough to become a licensed practitioner.


During the exam, the robot could not search for information on the Internet and gave answers based on the theory studied from textbooks.

The China Daily newspaper notes that this is the part of the country’s desire to accelerate the integration of AI into a number of industries, including healthcare and consumer electronics. China has already bacome a candidate for global superiority in using AI, ahead of the US in this industry, which, in the long run, can lead to the country becoming the leader in the development of AI by 2030.

Both governments and private companies suggest medical research and healthcare to be the first and primary field for these technologies. Everyone is familiar with the success of the artificial intelligence Watson, developed by IBM, which showed significant progress in diagnosing and improving patient care in hospitals.

Amazon also has a virtual assistant based on the AI Alexa, which successfully works in healthcare. Similarly, DeepMind Health is working on using machine learning to improve the healthcare system in Britain.

The specific mission of iFlytek is improving methods of diagnosing and treating cancer and assisting physicians whose shortage is felt in China. This will help more patients to gain access to qualitative medical care.


Doctors do not have to worry about job cuts – robots are still only pretending to be assistants and advisors.



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