Bitcoin Reaches a Record Level – 9000$


Only 10 days it took Bitcoin crypto currency to increase its value by an additional $ 1000. So, on the night from Thursday to Friday, November 16-17, the Bitcoin rate for the first time exceeded the mark of $ 8000. And today, on November 26, a Bitcoin overcame a mark of $ 9000.

It is assumed that the reason for another spurt in the value of Bitcoin was the publication of information that the founder of Xiaomi Lei Jun is an investor of the Chinese company Bitmain – the largest manufacturer of devices for the crypto currency. It is believed that this can increase the confidence of the community in the crypto currency.


  • Earlier, a record price of Bitcoin was set at $ 8,000 . In the same month, for the first time in history, the value of the crypto currency surpassed the $ 7000 mark. Two weeks before that, on October 20, a line of $ 6,000 was taken, and a little earlier, October 12, $ 5,000. This was preceded by the capture of two more records in August: $ 3000, and then $ 4000.
  • Since the beginning of this year, the price of Bitcoin has increased approximately nine-fold.
  • Recently, the research has shown that Bitcoin Mining consumes more electricity then 159 individual countries.

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