Nick Garritsen, developer from New Zealand, Created The World’s First Virtual Politician


171123095053-sam-exlarge-169.pngA virtual politician is a bot named Sam. You can chat with her through Facebook messenger. According to the developer, Sam is a virtual woman politician who will definitely take part in the next general election in 2020.

Gerritsen does not disclose any technical details about the new bot, only mentions that artificial intelligence technologies were used. Thanks to them, Sam is constantly learning, memorizing and analyzing the questions and answers of his interlocutors.

Sam is still able to speak on a limited number of topics, and cannot interpret the questions asked. A list of questions that Sam confidently answers is published on the policy website. The virtual woman politician does not answer any other questions or gives very strange replies.

New Zealand’s Sam reacted on questions from the list with a delay, but adequately. If she is asked about the date of the next election, Sam is able to give full information. Concerning the global climate change Sam states that by 2100 the average temperature will be two degrees Celsius more, and predicts the sea-level rise of 0.5 meters.

Recently Chinese robot XIAOYI got doctor’s license. It passed the exams with 456 points and, furthermore, it’s going to become an assistant or advisor in a hospital.


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