The Budget iPhone X. Everybody Will be Able to Buy iPhone X in 2018.


Many people have already bought an expensive phone, but at the same time, many are still waiting for the price to fall. Now, you can just wait for the release of the budget iPhone in 2018.

This information came from the Japanese company Nomura, which assures that next year will be released just three new iPhone models, while all of them will receive a characteristic notch on the top of the screen in the style of the iPhone X (and hence the support of the Face ID), and the body of the most budget version with LCD-screen will be made with a metal back panel.

By the way, this information is very well combined with a number of previous leaks from KGI Securities. The new source operates the same information:

  • updated current model of iPhone X with an OLED-screen ( 5.8 inches diagonal);
  • a larger version of the same smartphone iPhone X Plus with OLED-screen (6.5-inch diagonal ), (according to other sources – 6.2 -6.3 inches);
  • a budget iPhone with a 6.1-inch LCD screen.


The budget model of the iPhone with a price tag of about $ 650- $ 750 will differ with less productive hardware and a screen with a lower resolution.  It will not have the support of Force Touch, but will have a single main camera. Together with this, it will receive identical with the older models’ frameless design, the front camera TrueDepth and Face ID.

Information about the metal back panel seems quite logical – it will reduce the cost of production compared with the glass panel of iPhone X, and make the budget novelty more practical. It is also mentioned that the budget iPhone 2018 will be released in several color variations.

Nomura specifically noted that the information received is valid at the moment, but final specifications of smartphones and, accordingly, orders to component manufacturers and assembly companies, will be determined by Apple approximately at the end of the first quarter or the beginning of the second quarter of 2018.


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