The Conflict Between Amazon and Google Touches Users: Who Will Suffer?

Popular media criticized Amazon and Google for the fact that their conflict touches

Amazon and Google, whose products compete with each other, actually started an declared war. Unable to achieve Amazon’s agreement on cooperation, Google banned some of the company’s devices from playing videos from YouTube. Amazon immediately “made friends” with Apple.

On December 5, the “smart speaker” Amazon Echo Show, equipped with a screen, was disconnected from YouTube by Google. From January 1, video hosting will stop working on the set-top boxes Fire TV – users have already received a notification.

The Echo Show was released in the summer of 2017. In September, Google disabled the speaker access to YouTube, but the option to watch video from videohosting again appeared on the device in November.


Google puts it directly that the solution to block YouTube on competitor’s devices is due to Amazon’s unwillingness to negotiate a deal – the online store refuses to sell the “smart speaker” of Google Home and the Chromecast set-top box. Moreover, Amazon also does not allow playing video from its Prime Video service via Google Cast . At last, in November, Amazon stopped selling part of Nest’s products that produce “smart thermostats” and other household products. Nest belongs to Google.



  • Yeah that’s a bummer. It hurts users and is also bad for their businesses because essentially they are forcing us to choose and side and then they get our business in an all or nothing scenario. Seems like a really bad idea.

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    • They are so rich and powerful. They have really useful products, but their conflict makes their users hurt and seek for other companies’ products. I think users have to be for quality.


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