The Richest YouTube Star of The Year. And 6-year-old Millionaire

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Forbes has prepared a new rating of the most highly paid stars of YouTube. It includes data for an annual period of time – from June 1, 2016 to June 1, 2017. And this rating has brought many surprises.

Let’s start with the fact that the top 10 most popular YouTube stars were able to earn an impressive $ 127 million a year. This is 80% higher than the figures of the last ten leaders, whose total revenues were estimated at $ 70.5 million.


A gamer with a DanTDM nickname specializing in the Minecraft game received $ 16.5 million from his channel. This is the record for the whole time that Forbes monitors the income of the YouTube stars.

But, perhaps, the most extraordinary fact of the current rating is that the eighth line was occupied by the 6-year-old boy Ryan with his channel Ryan ToysReview. As you can guess from the title, Ryan is engaged in unpacking toys on video. And this occupation earned him $ 11 million a year.

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As Ryan’s mother tells, the boy looked at many other channels with unpacking toys. One day he addressed his mother with a question:

“Why am I not on YouTube, although there are many other children there?”.

After that, it was decided to also make videos of the unpacking of toys. The family went to the store, where the boy chose the first toy to shoot the video, it was a Lego train. From this began the ascent of the young star.

But the first video was not spectacular and exciting. The family just took a 15-minute video, during which Ryan unpacked the designer Lego Duplo and played a little with it. The video did not score a lot of views, but it did not stop the boy and his parents. Shooting continued, and in less than a year – in 2016 – Ryan’s channel had more than 1 million subscribers. At the moment, he has more than 10 million subscribers.


In Forbes note that the indicated amounts of income of the participant in the rating can not be called absolutely accurate. The figures are based on data from YouTube, Social Blade and Captiv8, as well as interviews with agents, managers, publishers, producers and lawyers.


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