The First Smartphone with In-Display Fingerprint Reader Will Release The Chinese Company Vivo


In Forbes, Moor Insights & Strategy Patrick Moorehead shares his first impressions of using a pre-production sample of the Vivo smartphone with a fingerprint scanner under the screen surface. What exactly is this smartphone is not yet known, but everything points to Vivo Xplay 7, equipped with a display with very thin frames around the perimeter.

The fingerprint reader built-in under the surface of the screen is considered the most convenient way of biometric authentication on smartphones with full-screen design.

Earlier Synaptics claimed that the Clear ID fingerprint scanner works twice as fast as face recognition systems, but it’s hardly a direct comparison that can be considered correct given that these are two fundamentally different biometric technologies.

According to Patrick Moorhead, the speed of the scanner “surpassed expectations.”

Recently, that Vivo has neglected to partner with Qualcomm, developing a similar technology, and chose Synaptics.

Of course, not many people associate Vivo with the largest manufacturer of smartphones, mainly this brand is popular in China. Nevertheless, Vivo, which, together with Oppo and OnePlus, is part of the BBK Electronics Group, was one of the top five smartphone manufacturers (IDC data). Recent success in Indian market may well return it to the Top Five in this quarter .


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