You Will Be Able to Hide The Publications of Annoying Friends on Facebook


The Facebook administration added a new feature for more flexible management of the contents of the News Feed

Over the next few weeks, a new Snooze function will be added. It will allow not to interrupt a subscription to a person, page or group, but temporarily, for a period of 30 days, not to see their publications in News Feed. To do this, you just need to push choose “Snooze your friend” in the upper right drop-down menu. However, people, pages and groups will not receive notifications that their records are not temporarily published in the News Feed of a certain person.

Thanks to this opportunity, it will be possible to rest from the materials of some particularly active friends who put a lot of pictures of their new cat, food selfies from the last tourist trip.

Shortly before the end of the Snooze period, the user will be notified of this. It is also reported that the setting of the termination of publication of materials at any time can be canceled.

Do you have some friend which post you don’t want to read because they are annoying and boring? I do, and I will definitely use this option.


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