Enter Lottoland and Get your Bitcoins

Lottoland is a very popular Irish lottery nowadays. However, it had many competitors before. Only owing to the good marketing campaign, it became successful afterward. Today Lottoland has more than 300 employees and around six million customers. A large number of them are foreigners.


You have an opportunity to win 1,000 + BTC at 8:30pm GMT Monday to Saturday on an everyday basis. It is necessary to match all six numbers on your card to win the prize fund of USD $18 million. You can get the smaller amount of money as well. One out of seven players definitely gains some reward.

If you win this lottery, you will have to make a choice. It is possible to get your gainings in fiat currency or in cryptocurrency directly to your bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin is the most widespread cryptocurrency in Internet lotteries. The company’s Irish country manager Graham Ross points out that Bitcoin is a worldwide phenomenon. Lottoland is giving its customers the opportunity to get involved in the big league. If you have your cryptocurrency in your bitcoin wallet, you can use it with the help of a plunging site Satoshidice. It is one of the first applications for spending the cryptocurrency.


Not long ago bitcoins became one of the most ‘provably fair’ cryptocurrencies. A number of online casinos and sportsbooks have added BTC as a deposit and withdrawal option.

The prospect of going from non-coiner to bitcoin thousandaire in very fetching. Everyone has an opportunity to win.


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