“Transparent concrete, solar panels and wireless charging”: China builds the highway of the future


China implemented the new project of solar roads. Moreover, this project is distinguished by the presence of built-in wireless charging systems for electric vehicles and other sensors to assist self-controlled models. This is the second solar road project in the country, which is part of the Jinan City Expressway.

Like other similar projects, this is a test one, since the length of the site equipped with solar panels and other innovative solutions is only 1.9 km. Construction provides for the laying of transparent concrete over solar panels.

solar-china-freaking-roadway2 (1)

Great road for electric cars

To date, the installation of all elements of the roadway has been completed and work is underway to install network connections to connect the batteries to the electricity. All must be connected before the end of 2017.

The Chinese solar highway consists of three separate layers. The top layer is transparent concrete, which is equal in properties to ordinary asphalt. The second (intermediate) layer consist of the solar panels. According to the calculations of Chinese engineers, the roadway should be strong enough to withstand the weight of an average truck, but probably heavy trucks will not travel here. And, finally, the third, the lowest layer – an insulating coating from the ground.

The elements for wireless charging of batteries of moving cars will not be added immediately. The designers have envisaged this possibility, they plan to use it in the near future.


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