Programs for Autonomous Cars from LG and Here

LG announces an agreement with Here concerning developing a telematics technology. It will be used for improving the self-driving system in autonomous cars. The development includes LG’s technology with precise location services and mapping data of Here. Companies are providing cars manufacturer with a reliable data exchange centre for vehicles.

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Telematics integrates telecommunication tools for their use in vehicle security. It is possible to work through various technical means of connection: GPS, WI-FI, DMB networks (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) and mobile tools. Since 2013, LG is a leading company in the field of integrated data processing and transmission.

Here is the main source of mapping data for cars in the world. Nowadays around 100 million vehicles are operated using Here technology. Nowadays the first and foremost goal of the company is the developing of HD Live Map. It is an exact cloud mapping service with the support of a modern system ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). The HD Live Map recognizes roads and all nearby objects: speed limit signs, stop signs, pedestrian crossings and traffic lights. In 2015 the world automakers – Audi, BMW and Daimler – bought Here.


First, the sensors of the ADAS system examine the surrounding area. Then the received data and information about the nearest cars is sent to the cloud. The information is analysed and sent to the systems to provide personalized recommendation on driving. LG developers are seriously working on products for the 5G. It is considered to be 5 times faster than the LTE standard. Moreover, the reduction in waiting time would be equal to 90%.


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