Representatives of Visa Made an Official Report


Recently, users began to complain about the disconnection of Bitcoin-cards Visa and the suspension of their service. Europeans and Russians complained about such problems. Not so long ago it became known that the reason was not in the failure or temporary freeze of the service process. The formal termination of cooperation between Visa and the platform-provider of cards WaveCrest occurred.

Visa Representatives Made an Official Report

Visa Europe confirmed the information on termination of cooperation with the payment platform WaveCrest. The reason for this was the continuing non-compliance with the terms of their agreement. Visa representatives mentioned that there are other Visa card programs, which provide the conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat money. They assured that termination of partnership with WaveCrest would not have an impact on these products. In addition, they explained that this step was by no means a repressive measure in respect of cryptocurrency.

Nevertheless, Bitwala, the company that has been working with WaveCrest for some time, is convinced that Visa’s solution is directly connected with the unwillingness of large financial corporations to provide services to rapidly growing cryptoeconomy. Representatives of the company expressed their hope that soon the services connected with bitcoin-cards would be available again.

Moreover, their assumption has some sense, because the impact on WaveCrest is stronger than it may seem. The customers of this platform are a number of large crypto companies, including BitPay, TenX, Bitwala and Wirex. Now it is unknown what exactly WaveCrest is going to take in this situation.


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