Pavel Durov will Release the Cryptocurrency in March

Pavel Durov plans to release the TON (Telegram Open Network) cryptocurrency in March this year. The founder of the start-up Combot Fedor Skuratov told about it on his Facebook page. The insider has published a 20-page document, which describes the principle of the operation of the cryptocurrency, its advantages and launch date. According to the available information, the data will be distributed through the TON P2P network protocol. TON Proxy technology will protect the system. The cryptocurrency will be integrated with the messenger. Moreover, users will be able to use the Telegram Wallet.

The launch of the platform is expected in January of this year. At the end of the month Durov will conduct a closed sale of tokens. In March, Telegram will conduct the basic ICO (primary placement of the tokens). Then 42% of the tokens will be stored in TON Reserve to protect the cryptocurrency rate from speculators. The document explains that 80% of the funds raised during the ICO will be spent on maintaining the system. The beneficiaries of the project are the CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov and his brother Nicholas.


However, the presence of spelling mistakes in the white paper makes it unreliable. Nevertheless, Anton Rosenberg liked Skuratov’s post. Anton predicted the upcoming cryptocurrency in December. Ilya Perekopsky, the former colleague of Pavel Durov, also commented on the publication. He criticized the attached document very emotionally. Durov himself has not reacted to the insider yet.


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