Segway’s Loomo Robot Can be Used As A Hoverboard, Trolley or Surveillance System

In 2016 the company Segway-Ninebot demonstrated a very original Segway Advanced Personal Robot – a self-balancing robot on two wheels. Since then, work on the product has continued. Now the company has brought to CES 2018 a new version. It’s called Loomo.

Your small clever puppy

The device has no hands and received a new Lego design. Loomo can be used as a regular hoverboard or as an autonomous trolley for the transportation of goods. For example, users can drive to the store on Loomo, and then transfer the purchases to the robot to drive them on the way back while going light. Also, Loomo can follow the user and take pictures or work as a robot of the surveillance system.


Loomo runs Android, which allows developers to expand its functionality via applications. By the way, the version for developers is already shipped to interested customers. The consumer version will be ready for sales “in a few weeks after the completion of CES”. But the price of new items has not yet been reported.


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