Toyota Developed Mobility Ecosystem for Commercial Use

Japanese company Toyota presented at CES 2018 a new transport ecosystem e-Palette. It capable of performing almost any task, from the transportation of people and cargo to organisation of shops, restaurants and mobile hotels. The platform is created in cooperation with companies such as Amazon, DiDi, Mazda, Pizza Hut and Uber.

According to the list of tasks and partners of e-Palette Alliance it is obvious that it will be used for commercial use. In this alliance Toyota will provide basic drones on an open platform for partners, which will allow each of them to equip the devices with their own control and monitoring systems.


The concept of the vehicle is made in the form of a single-seater with a low floor and interior space that can be transformed to the requirements of the customer. At the initial stage, it is planned to supply drones of three different sizes (4-7 meters long).

Who will see this invention first?

Toyota plans to begin testing the ecosystem in various countries around the world starting from 2020.The first ones who will see e-Palette Concept will be residents of the United States, as well as visitors of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.




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