CES18: Aeolus. Humanoid Robot with Household Assistance Function

After years of working on devices that can limit a human from routine domestic work, a mechanism capable of becoming a helpful assistant finally emerged. The robot Aeolus, represented by the eponymous company, made a real sensation at the CES exhibition this year.

One of the functions that the robot demonstrated was getting any food or drinks that the person requires out of the refrigerator, and delivering them. Moreover, Aeolus is able to become a useful helper in the family. He can walk around the house, pick up scattered things and put them in the right places in view of his ability to recognize thousands of objects. It also has a modular grip on the left side for holding a vacuum cleaner or a broom to clean the rooms. He can also easily move the furniture, if there is a need.


We have seen many robots with the same features that usually cost hundreds of thousands dollars. For example, the advanced robot PR2 is still only a multimillion-dollar research. Nevertheless, Aeolus should already go on sale at the end of this year. It will be comparatively cheap; its cost is going to be equal to $20,000.

It is worthy of note that despite the declared functions, the video of the robot is exciting. According to it, Aeolus has more specific functions than a common AI. A house is a chaotic environment. Nowadays avoidance of obstacles is not a difficult task for a robot. However, remembering the placement of objects and moving them to the right places is a complicated goal. It is doubtful whether the robot Aeolus is able to cope with it.


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