Monero Cryptocurrency Can Now be Mined from The Air


Max Dovey has designed a device with helps to extract cryptocurrency in a literal sense from the air. This rig called Breath. According to Motherboard, it measures the volume of inhaled and exhaled air and hashes this data.

This information comes to the computer, which is one of the elements in the blockchain. One breath allows the computer to produce a certain number of computational operations, which depends not only on the number of breaths, but also on the intensity of inhalation.


Breath generates cryptocurrency Monero

However, it is not able to obtain any decent amount of cryptocurrency. Dovey explained that his invention is not aimed at making money. The main purpose of the device is to demonstrate alternative ways of mining development. According to the inventor, Breath was created last year and during the existence brought profit of only $1.

The global market is concerned about the growing amount of electricity consumption for the needs of the cryptocurrency. Thus, according to the forecasts of Morgan Stanley analyst this year, the volume of electricity consumption by miners can reach 140 TWh. It will make up at least 0.6% of the world energy consumption and will exceed the consumption of electricity by Argentina.

The search for alternative ways of mining is gaining popularity. Recently, the Dutch researcher and artist Manuel Beltrán presented a suit for mining Altcoins, using the thermal radiation of the human body.



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