Amazon Go. New shopping technology

Yesterday, the company Amazon officially opened its first fully automated grocery store in Seattle without cashboxes and sellers. This became possible due to the developments in the field of computer vision and machine learning. The proprietary control system automatically recognises the goods that the buyer takes from the shelves, adds them to the virtual basket, and then withdraws the final purchase amount from the account. The interested of people was so great that soon after the opening at the entrance formed a big line.


No lines. No checkouts. No, seriously.

The irony of the situation is that the whole essence of the Just Walk Out Shopping concept, which is the basis of the idea of Amazon Go, implies the possibility of quick purchases and the absence of lines and cashboxes. There is even an appropriate slogan on the wall of the store: “No lines. No checkouts. No, seriously. ”

We should note that the lines were formed not in the room itself, but near the entrance to the store. At the same time, there were no complications with purchases, the system worked flawlessly if you look at the reviews of enthusiastic buyers. But you can also find some negative reviews in Twitter.


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