Ori – Robotic Furniture for a Smart Home

Imagine that you have a little flat in a big city. A little space, too many things, always mess… On the other hand, you will be able to create a table or a bed using just an app or gesture. Spinout MIT Media Lab Ori seeks to make this kind of robofiction a reality. Boston start-up company develops smart furniture. It turns into a bedroom, a study or a big wardrobe to save space in a small apartment.

More than a Smart Home

The Ori is an L-shaped device that is installed along the wall. There is a closet, a folding table, a pull-out bed, drawers and shelves on one side. The other side of the device could be unfolded to become a table. The surface above is a big shelf where one can place the TV. The third side, opposite to the wall, includes more shelves and hooks for hanging coats. Users can control the device through a smart home, a mobile Ori app or assistants like Echo Amazon. The test line of Ori, estimated at $ 10,000, is already being sold.


Developers predict that future apartments can be fully equipped with smart Ori furniture. This tech can be developed for other rooms like kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. For example, a two-bedroom apartment can be transformed into a spacious studio, become three separate rooms or turn into one big hall for a party.

The main task is to solve the problems of urbanization, as nowadays cities are extremely popular places for life. The second new phenomenon is the Internet of Things, so to say, it is a flow of intellectual gadgets, like household goods and furniture intended for connection to the Internet. They are connected to each other and simplify human life serving as gadgets.


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