Ford Got the Patent for an Autonomous Police Car

Ford is one of the automotive companies making huge investments in the field of autonomous vehicle. They believe it is going to be an integral part of the future traffic. Recently the company filed an application for a patent. They are going to create an autonomous police car.

Car to Guard the Streets

The patent, called Motor 1, describes an autonomous police vehicle that can independently detect violations committed by other cars on the road in connection with surveillance cameras and road sensors.


A police car operating on AI can report the information on the offender to the office and chase this vehicle. Moreover, it is able to connect to the lawbreaker’s vehicle to communicate with passengers, check the identity of the driver, etc.

In fact, Ford’s patent application contains an algorithm that could determine how severe a driver’s violation of rules is and presume a penalty. The patent also describes how police officers are able to take control of a self-driving vehicle or use a wireless connection to various databases to obtain additional information about a driver who violates the law.

As for now, this is only a patent. Even if Ford gets permission to accomplish this goal, it is not known when it will be realized.


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