Gregory Maxwell criticized the idea of rescue forks

Breaking in the Italian BitGrail Exchange last week and stealing of $ 17,000,000 XRB sparked an active discussion between prominent representatives in society.

Blockstream co-founder and leading Bitcoin Core developer Gregory Maxwell criticized the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin for supporting the so-called “rescue hardforks” for recovering stolen crypto during hacker attacks. This was preceded by a Twitter-dispute between the largest community of bitcoin-traders Whalepool and Buterin.

The lesson Ethereum’s operators are teaching is implicitly this:  When Vitalik’s funds are lost due to a contract executed to the letter with unwelcome results: Great choice. – Maxwell wrote on Reddit.

The founder of Ethereum also said that hardfork can be a good way out for blockchains at an early stage of development in emergency circumstances.

Some people believe that it is the possibility of a “rescue hardfork” that gives the Altcoins an advantage over Bitcoin. Maxwell strongly disagrees with this position.

When Vitalik’s funds are not lost, but an even larger dollar value is lost due to terrible foot-gun “address” design and Ethereum software misbehaviour: Bad choice.

The point they’re missing? No one should have that power. If there is even a choice to make the system has already failed. Paypal and Visa do reversibility better and didn’t require a pre-mine now worth billions of dollars.- stressed Maxwell.


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