Robot Spotmini Can Open Door

The fourlegged robot SpotMini developed by Boston Dynamics, which was completely updated in November last year, received a hand manipulator that allows it to perform many tasks, in particular, to open doors. Now employees in BD should be careful for the robot not to escape.


Team approach

Boston Dynamics demonstrated its fourlegged SpotMini for the first time in 2016. A fully electric robot with a height of 84 cm has a precise mechanics of animals. Moreover, it contains a lever with a fivedegree manipulator. The latter receives signals from a set of sensors. It includes stereo cameras, IMU, as well as position and force sensors. Last time SpotMini showed how it was running along the open country with incredible agility as well as smooth movements. But the recent presentation gave even more horrible and exciting image of these machinesupdated abilities.

One robot comes to the door, looks on it, and then waits for another robot to open it. The updated Spotmini easily stretches itshandto the door, open it, and politely holds it while thecomradeenters the room. This video impressed a lot. The way they move andbehavecan not but frighten.


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