Crooks from Optioment robbed bitcoin investors for €80 Million

More than 10 thousand Austrians became victims of a cryptocurrency swindle, which the founders of the Optioment project turned in late November 2017. According to the Austrian newspaper Die Presse, the damage, according to preliminary estimates, exceeded 80 million euros.

Optioment functioned as a multi-level marketing system – many investors actively attracted new participants, as the organizers promised them additional payments for it. Another participant stated that he had attracted more than 200 people to the project.

The Optioment system was founded by two brothers from the Austria, one from  Styria and another from Lower Austria.

They promised 200% profit monthly

According to the organizers of Optioment, the revenue growth should be provided by the ” cryptocurrency robot operator “.

The Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) suspects the project of fraud and the organization of a financial pyramid. In late January, representatives of the Optioment system were summoned to the prosecutor’s office for testimony.

Currently, the Austrian authorities have appealed to Interpol for help in finding suspects in organizing a fraudulent scheme.


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