YouTube Tests Picture-in-Picture Mode on PC

Some YouTube desktop users reported that they had access to a new view mode. This is PictureinPicture that make possible to play videos in a small window and simultaneously view other content on the site. A similar feature has long been available in apps on iOS and Android.

The reporters from 9to5Google was the first who tell the world about the new feature. According to them, if one clicks anywhere outside of the video, the video will continue to play in the lower right corner of the screen. This can also happen if you go back to the previous page, go to the search or browse the content of the channel.

In a small video player, there are main funvtions availbleplay, pause, repeat, next video, playlist. The titles of the video and the channel are also displayed.

Experts first said that the PictureinPicture mode was only available to users of the paid version YouTube Red. But later it became clear that the test group also included free users of the service. It is known that the innovations have already been tried by users from several countries, not just the United States. This kind of test is in the style of YouTube. The team sometimes launches new features among small groups of users before giving the access to everyone.


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