Robotic fish explore Underwater World

Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created robotic fish with a video camera that moves like a real fish. Developers tested the device on a coral reef and noted that real fish are not afraid of it, even when the robot swims closer than a meter.

How it works

MIT compute scientists under the leadership of Daniela Rus created a robotic fish, which moves due to a hydraulic tail consisting of two chambers. During the movement, a small pump alternately supplies water to the chambers and thereby causes them to inflate, bending the whole structure in one direction or another. In addition, there are two horizontal fins and buoyancy control modules, due to which it can move in any direction. To monitor these fish, a camera with a wide-angle lens is installed in the nose of the robot.



During the tests in the Rainbow Reef, the robot sank to a depth of more than 50 feet, shot photos and made high definition video.

The creators of the robot note that during the test robot swam several times to the real fish for a distance of less than a meter but did not scare them away.


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