Fortnite. Short Review

In 2011, we got to know that we will have in our collections another online survival game using Unreal Engine 4 – Fortnite. The project is developed by famous studio Epic Games and is a non-standard survival, where players need to survive against dangerous monsters at night, and in the daytime build barricades and collect necessary resources.


As reported by the developers: “The world of Fortnite is huge.” All because the game involves a hybrid procedural generation, which selects pre-prepared “pieces of the world” and substitutes them in a random order. Each new session will be in a new, untouched world, because of which interest in the exploration of the territories will not be exactly lost.


Each refuge in Fortnite is created from what the player will find during a day. In this case, the problem is predatory, as the user can drag and re-integrate almost everything that the eye sees. There are three types of resources in the game, wood, metal and stone. Each of them has unique characteristics and is used for different purposes.



The game is partly the heir of Minecraft. The main observed discrepancy – Fortnite is based solely on the construction and modernization of structures that will be able to withstand the onslaught of monsters. Users can go beyond the procurement and build the most fantastic designs that can hardly be called buildings. It is possible to build at any time of the day and night, both before the battle and during the battle. Walls are put for a couple of buttons, and giant structures are erected with the help of a special editor, in which you can choose the right stairs, fences, windows, ceilings, doors, walls, roofs and even traps.

Night Attacks

All the above tasks users will only perform during the day, at night comes the invasion of monsters, so for the strengthening and collection of scrap metal will not remain even a second. At night, Fortnite becomes a third-person shooter, in which you have to confront the hordes of monsters. To ensure that the game did not turn into a banal shooter, the developers introduced a system of pumping characters and craft weapons. In addition to what has already been said, we are waiting for the division of fighters into specialization, so each player will have his own, strictly limited role.



The game has many heroes. All of them can be collected around the world in the form of maps, and they belong to one of the four main specializations:

  • travellers engaged in all sorts of exploration;
  • soldiers who have excellent command of any kind of weapons;
  • Ninja, who is engaged in close combat and possesses a high speed of movement;
  • designers, experienced builders of forts.

Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages when dealing with monsters. You can win if only you have a balanced team.

Ideological support

Initially, the developers of Fortnite did not want to create a game in the style of a zombie apocalypse, as it already becomes a sign of bad taste due to the banality. But gradually, the specialists were able to find a solution, as a result of which the game became a pleasant cartoonish action with an interesting idea, events, heroes, traps, weapons and creatures.


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