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^B5538F3589DD79DA4618EF729CE8E78A3A7029B1BE30F04CF1^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrHi there! My name is Daryna Vlasenko. I live in Austria and I am one of the founders of IT for Newbies blog. I consider myself to be a connector between people who discovers something really useful and fantastic and the others looking for their inventions. I believe that my blog can help you to be knowledgeable in the field of Information Technologies.


Hello! I’m Sonia Novakivska. I’m from Ukraine. I’m excited by the rapid development of technology. I believe that hi-tech could solve a great deal of global problems in various areas: from medicine to environment pollution. Here on IT for Newbies I share the latest news concerning evolution of robots, tech and humans themselves.


We are a group of qualified blog and article writers with relevant skills and great enthusiasm. We have almost 3 years of experience as writers. It includes blog and article writing, technical writing and web content creation. We are really interested in tech novelties and IT. They are changing the world, making our lives easier and more comfortable. Our mission is to share the IT news with the world.