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YouTube Tests Picture-in-Picture Mode on PC

Some YouTube desktop users reported that they had access to a new view mode. This is PictureinPicture that make possible to play videos in a small window and simultaneously view other content on the site. A similar feature has long been available in apps on iOS and Android.

The reporters from 9to5Google was the first who tell the world about the new feature. According to them, if one clicks anywhere outside of the video, the video will continue to play in the lower right corner of the screen. This can also happen if you go back to the previous page, go to the search or browse the content of the channel.

In a small video player, there are main funvtions availbleplay, pause, repeat, next video, playlist. The titles of the video and the channel are also displayed.

Experts first said that the PictureinPicture mode was only available to users of the paid version YouTube Red. But later it became clear that the test group also included free users of the service. It is known that the innovations have already been tried by users from several countries, not just the United States. This kind of test is in the style of YouTube. The team sometimes launches new features among small groups of users before giving the access to everyone.


Meet Brian AI!

Human mind is the biggest unsolved puzzle of the mankind. Our ability to comprehend the world around, to learn information and analyze the future according to our bundle of knowledge was disturbing sage’s minds since antiquity. Classical philosophers tried to interpret mechanisms of education if a form of mathematical operations, which led to the creation of Artificial Intelligence conception — a set of processes, which could possibly recreate the functioning of the human brain. The basis was laid — and nowadays we can enjoy the latest achievements in the machine learning in our homes, offices, everyday lives.

Basic, yet incredibly challenging mission for every person is to work with a big amount of information. If you aren’t a genius, you can’t keep in mind more than 4-6 tasks at the same time. What shall we do if there’s a need to process and systematize more data than our mind can handle? In that case we can approach to the Artificial Intelligence. It’s long-run objective is to surpass the abilities of hominal brain, and the perspective of such outcome is highly possible.

One of the most impressive abilities of AI is its autonomous education. With a help of specific algorithms it analyzes data base, collected from multiple resources, and then builds its own more advanced response protocols — the more data AI processes, the more “intelligent” it becomes. This outstanding feature find a use not only in programming, astronomy, mathematics, but in our daily living — and Brian AI is definitely one of those apps, whose complicated structure makes burdensome problem as easy as pie.

Have you ever had a need to find some specific photo from hundreds of different shots? With Brian AI you can search, manage, organize more than 200.000 different images — both your personal or downloaded from the Internet. Practically impossible for human, such job for AI will take seconds. It’s a must-have app for the people who remain on the cutting edge in modern technologies and appreciate their time.

As far as you have a batch of photos to work with, choose our Brian AI as an assistant. It’s a deep learning powerful tool, which has plenty of useful functions, quickness in work and ability to educate when used. When AI analyzes your images, it finds the concordance between new and already known pictures, and then assigns a bunch of particular tags for the new picture according to the result of the inspection. After that, all images are compounded in albums up to their tags, which means you can search some needed photo simply by tapping its key words in a search bar.


The potential of usage of this app is unlimited: in a second you can receive precise Google Vision or GoogleNet Inception based characteristic of the photo, its quality specification (focus, size, blur, photo shoot date etc.), you are able to find images with certain person, landmark or label on them.


This app can even show you the emotions of people on the photography — go through the handy menu to see even more Brian AI search capability. Even if you have thousands of images to work with, our AI won’t take long to get you the results — its optimized algorithm completes a search in seconds.


If you work with a downloaded photo base, there inevitably would be duplicates or low-quality shoots, which are pointless to use. Brian AI will help you to get rid out of them from the very beginning. It’s highly susceptible to the lighting and exposition quality, so bad or repeated shoots would be revealed and deleted. More about Brian Ai photo organization functions you can learn at this link.

When all your images already have tags and are systematized into albums, AI will help you to share, sell or even create a movie out of same-type pictures. It also has a function of time travel — you can assort photos by their date of the survey, and then create a presentation of how the place you’re interested in has changed in time. Our artificial intelligence can discern faces, locations, identities, events, postures and even emotions. Huge efficiency on one small app is what makes our customers choose Brian AI products and download them from the site. 

Technologies change day by day, but our app don’t stay on the same place too. New functions and new capacities are coming by, and you can try them all in your personal or business needs using Brian AI. Buy and download this app today to clear a 200.000+ roadblock of images in no time!

Why Cryptocurrency Has Value

What influences the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

In comparison with fiat currency, the crypto has some advantages. This is because over time, money is inflated. And the Central Bank plays a big part in it. Cryptocurrency is eventually exposed only to the reverse process – deflation. This is influenced by the constant growth of world production and its limited volume in the market. Thus, it generates demand, which determines the price of the cryptocurrency.


Why is cryptocurrency becoming more valuable?

First, it was really difficult to realize that not only the state is able to issue money. However, imagine that we actually accept a monetary unit as payment for a good or service only because there is certainty – other market participants will accept these funds and provide their services respectively.


Why cryptocurrency has value?

Careful consideration of the system’s operation, its protection from the inflationary process and the absence of the fraud possibility raise the popularity of the cryptocurrency. Demand was also generated with the initial desire of some participants to sell their services and products for this currency.

After the world system abandoned the “gold standard”, money began to depend on the states’ production capability and the policies of their governments. Cryptocurrencies do not have such uncertainty.


What determines the price of the crypto:

  • The limited demand and supply;
  • Use of the blockchain system;
  • The utility of the currency, its ease of use and storage;
  • Perception of its value by the public;
  • Its cost;
  • Media opinion;
  • Investors’ deposits;
  • Fraud impossibility;
  • Innovation;
  • Anonymity.

Due to the fact that the cryptocurrency is a developing market, due to the changes it imposes on the financial system, the market is still unstable. In combination with many of the above factors, the price of a digital currency can quickly grow and fall, which makes it a risky investment without proper research. However, the advantages make it suitable for payments processing and investing. The latter was actually one of the initial intentions of Bitcoin.

How does Cryptocurrency Work

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Its emission is not controlled by any state, transactions are transparent and anonymous. The system is securely protected, it is simple and at the same time extremely complex. In a couple of years, the cryptocurrency and mining are spreading all over the world.

Who Invented Bitcoin?

The history of the Bitcoin creation is ambiguous, intriguing and mysterious. The author of the cryptocurrency is the ephemeral Satoshi Nakamoto – an Internet user (or a group of users) who published an article on cryptocurrency in the mailing list at the end of 2008. They described the digital peer-to-peer currency. At the beginning of the next year Nakamoto released the first software for working with cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin Basis

  • Hash function. A mathematical transformation by an algorithm that turns any set of information into a unique number-letter value of a certain fixed length – a hash. Something like a cipher. Even a small change of one character in the original data set, causes the output (hash) to change drastically.
  • The key element of the bitcoin system is a blockchain. It is a chain of blocks where information on transactions in the network is stored for the entire time of its existence. A copy of this unique database is kept by every member of the system, gradually and constantly updated due to the receipt of new blocks.

Blockchain , Distributed ledger technology , bitcoin concept. Electric circuit graphic and infographic of Block chain , network connect , security , binary coded icons.

Why is It Safe?

What happens if someone decides to change the transactions in the block and cancel the money transfer or change the addressee? He can do it, but then the hash of the block will change. A new branch will appear in the chain.

To fix its fraudulent block, a hacker will have to solve a new task in 10 minutes faster than others. And one can not solve it beforehand by building blocks, because the solution depends on the hash of the previous block. Thus, an attacker will have to own at least half the power of a Bitcoin network, in order to solve a new task with 50% probability and build new blocks. All in all, this is practically unreal and completely unprofitable.

How are Bitcoins Mined?

Performance diagrams of the network clearly demonstrate that video cards are not of the utmost importance in the field of mining. CPU left this niche in 2011, GPU – in 2013. Now the Bitcoins are mined on the application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), which are exclusively for the hash calculation. Nevertheless, lots of other cryptocurrencies are still being mined on video cards.


Who Created Wi-Fi Technology

Hedy Lamarr. Yes, we should thank that same actress for using the Internet Wi-Fi and GPS. How did it happen?

Hedy was born in Austria in 1913. Being a Jew, she hid her origins in every way. In 1933, Hedy starred in the film “Ecstasy”.  It was the first time in the history of cinema when a completely naked actress was shown. In many countries the film was banned. The parents of the actress worried about their daughter’s reputation. Therefore, they married her to the arms tycoon Fritz Mandl. He was also a Jew. In addition, most importantly, it was Fritz who produced grenades and cartridges for Hitler.


Her husband was very jealous, and Hedy had to leave the movie. But she accompanied her husband to military laboratories and quickly figured out the principle of the action of anti-ship weapons and guidance systems.

Lamarr was not happy with her husband. Once Hedy escaped. The girl ran first to London, and then to the USA. In Hollywood, she was noticed by Louis Mayer, the founder of Metro Golden Mayer.

When radio-guided missiles were adopted, a serious problem arose. Opponents easily violated the guidance of the torpedo, revealing its frequency. Then Hedy Lamarr, together with George Antheil, whom she had met in London, came up with how to protect the torpedo control over the radio (she also assisted with the creation of controlled torpedoes).

Here’s how it worked: a random code was used on the transmitter that would change the transmission channel. At the same time, frequency transitions were synchronized on the receiver. The invention of Lamarr and Antheil became the basis of Spread Spectrum – the connection with the extended spectrum, which is used everywhere. These are GPS and Wi-Fi.


Lamarr was forgotten in the last years of her life. She lived poorly. Moreover, Hedy was engaged in litigation about slander and unauthorized use of her name. For example, in 1998 Corel Draw, a program for graphic design, used a portrait of an actress. Hedy immediately filed a lawsuit, but her claim was dismissed.

Scientists Can Restore Images from our Brain

Google DeepMind’s artificial intelligence technologies are developed to read human thoughts. However, neurologists at the University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada, have managed to use AI for the purpose of restoring images. They used data collected by electroencephalography (EEG).

Course of Study

During the tests, people were connected to the EEG and showed different faces. At the same time, the researchers recorded their brain activity, and then analyzed the data. The machine learning algorithms were used by them. As a result, the scientists could apply this information in order to digitally recreate the face of a person accumulated in the human memory. Unlike basic forms, the capability to restore images includes a high quality of visual details, demonstrating the complexity of technology.


For the first time, the process has been performed with EEG data. Previously, researches included fMRI technology. Earlier the brain activity was measured by identifying differences in human blood flow. One of the most interesting distinctions between these methods is that the EEG is handy, cheap and can provide a higher level of details in milliseconds.

Perspectives of the system

This technology can be used to create very accurate witness reports by identifying potential suspects. Moreover, this can work for disabled people who do not have the opportunity to communicate verbally. EEG could be used for creation a neural reconstruction of what a person perceives at given time, as well as visualization of memories or imaginations.

Updated Humanoid Robot WALK-MAN from IIT

The humanoid robot WALKMAN was first presented in June 2015 during DARPA Robotics Challenge. After this, engineers began to work on improving the features of the robot. Actually, it is a large project including research of many institutes and universities. The group contributed to the development of various qualities of the robot: from modelling to locomotion and manipulation. Nowadays it has received the last update to become really useful in the disaster zones.

The most important innovations

The WALKMAN has a few equipment upgrades. First of all, a recycled aluminium frame with impurities of magnesium alloys and titanium. These materials eliminated 31 kilograms of WALKMAN, reducing its weight to 102 kg. Therefore, the robot has become faster and more capable of keeping balance. These are extremely essential qualities for working in the disaster zones. Even with a battery of 1kW / s WALKMAN will be able to work for around 2 hours.


The first WALKMAN was by far not the thinnest humanoid robot, but the updated version is more compact, which facilitates its passage through the doorways. IIT collaborated with the University of Pisa to develop biomorphic hands with 19 degrees, which can reliably capture a great deal of things and carry 10 kg for about 10 min.

To present the new opportunities, WALKMAN took part in a scenario simulating an industrial plant with gas leaks and fire in here. This is one of the situations where it is undesirable to send people, and robots would be more useful than ever.

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