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Fortnite. Short Review

In 2011, we got to know that we will have in our collections another online survival game using Unreal Engine 4 – Fortnite. The project is developed by famous studio Epic Games and is a non-standard survival, where players need to survive against dangerous monsters at night, and in the daytime build barricades and collect necessary resources.


As reported by the developers: “The world of Fortnite is huge.” All because the game involves a hybrid procedural generation, which selects pre-prepared “pieces of the world” and substitutes them in a random order. Each new session will be in a new, untouched world, because of which interest in the exploration of the territories will not be exactly lost.


Each refuge in Fortnite is created from what the player will find during a day. In this case, the problem is predatory, as the user can drag and re-integrate almost everything that the eye sees. There are three types of resources in the game, wood, metal and stone. Each of them has unique characteristics and is used for different purposes.



The game is partly the heir of Minecraft. The main observed discrepancy – Fortnite is based solely on the construction and modernization of structures that will be able to withstand the onslaught of monsters. Users can go beyond the procurement and build the most fantastic designs that can hardly be called buildings. It is possible to build at any time of the day and night, both before the battle and during the battle. Walls are put for a couple of buttons, and giant structures are erected with the help of a special editor, in which you can choose the right stairs, fences, windows, ceilings, doors, walls, roofs and even traps.

Night Attacks

All the above tasks users will only perform during the day, at night comes the invasion of monsters, so for the strengthening and collection of scrap metal will not remain even a second. At night, Fortnite becomes a third-person shooter, in which you have to confront the hordes of monsters. To ensure that the game did not turn into a banal shooter, the developers introduced a system of pumping characters and craft weapons. In addition to what has already been said, we are waiting for the division of fighters into specialization, so each player will have his own, strictly limited role.



The game has many heroes. All of them can be collected around the world in the form of maps, and they belong to one of the four main specializations:

  • travellers engaged in all sorts of exploration;
  • soldiers who have excellent command of any kind of weapons;
  • Ninja, who is engaged in close combat and possesses a high speed of movement;
  • designers, experienced builders of forts.

Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages when dealing with monsters. You can win if only you have a balanced team.

Ideological support

Initially, the developers of Fortnite did not want to create a game in the style of a zombie apocalypse, as it already becomes a sign of bad taste due to the banality. But gradually, the specialists were able to find a solution, as a result of which the game became a pleasant cartoonish action with an interesting idea, events, heroes, traps, weapons and creatures.


NEO Cryptocurrency

What is NEO?

NEO is the first Chinese blockchain-project with open source, launched in August 2017 by developer Da Hongfei. But the history of the project began 3 years earlier.

In 2014, Da Hongfei created the blochain company OnChain in Shanghai and launched a cryptocurrency project called AntShares. OnChain’s main task is to create a new financial system that unites the real and virtual economy.

Because of the emphasis on smart contracts, ANS was even called the Chinese Etherium. Inspired developers decided to take a desperate step – complete rebranding. They wrote new technical documentation, updated the nodes, changed the site and conducted a large-scale ICO to raise funds for the launch of the updated and improved ANS.

In September 2016, the world saw NEO – a new cryptocurrency, capable, according to the creators, to surpass even Ethereum.

How does NEO Work?

In OnChain stated that the main goal of the company is not to issue another crypto currency, but to create a new model of economic relations between people. They call it Smart Economy and distinguish three main components: a platform for executing smart contracts, digital assets and digital identification. All of them are implemented in NEO technology.

For example, you can digitize documents for real estate and sell it for cryptocurrency, without involving legal or other intermediaries in the transaction.

The developers emphasize that with the help of NEO it is possible to digitize and change different assets: gold, car, houses, etc.

NEO is, above all, an innovative economic project, and its token is a tool for implementing the idea of ​​an integrated economy.


The Main Advantages of NEO

Excellent technical capabilities. The platform uses its own virtual machine NeoVM, which allows you to quickly launch even the most complex contracts. The theoretical bandwidth of the network is 10,000 transactions per second

High reliability. NEO has an enhanced dBFT protocol that effectively protects the system from most known cyber-attacks.

Easy to write smart contracts. Unlike Ethereum, which uses the exceptionally complex programming language Solidity, NEO supports Java, F#, C#, Kotlin, VB.Net,, Go and Python.

Simple mining. Mining does not depend on the technical capacities of the miner.

Does NEO have problems?

Of course, it has.

Users have two main claims on NEO – lack of anonymity and pseudo decentralization. According to the developers, the exchange of digital assets cannot be anonymous – all transactions must be open and transparent.

OnChain has direct access to the transaction history and can quickly track any transaction. Developers control more than 60% of all NEO blockchain-nodes.In future, OnChain plans to cooperate with state structures and the Chinese government.

Is It Worth Investing in NEO?

Although many users are unhappy with the OnChain policy, most experts agree that NEO is a very promising cryptocurrency with a brilliant future. Why?

  • NEO offers innovative technical solutions that make the use of the platform more convenient.
  • NEO implements the technology of smart contracts, in which many see the future of the whole blockchain.
  • Corporations with a worldwide reputation are investing their money in NEO: Microsoft, Alibaba, HyperLedger, LegalChain, Wings, etc.
  • According to analysts, OnChain has every chance to make NEO an official currency in China. And this is one of the largest cryptocurrency markets in the world.

HTC U12: Features, Price, Release Date

The LIabTooFer insider revealed the main features of the new HTC Imagine. He also added that the announcement of the smartphone will take place in April.

The new smartphone is similar to the previous HTC U11 +. It will receive a large 6-inch display with 18:9 aspect ratio and QHD+ resolution (2880 × 1440 pixels). It is unknown if it will have a fingerprint scanner, but it will definitely have the Face ID – HTC Face Unlock.


HTC was one of the first to try to install a dual camera module into smartphone One M8 in 2014, but it became popular only in 2016. Together with the U12 flagship, HTC will return to the dual camera – 12MP and 16MP. Most likely, the smartphone will receive a dual optical zoom with the help of a second long-focus lens. The front camera will have 8 MP resolution.

Also, the U12 will receive an updated version of the “sensitive” side edges of the Edge Sense 2.0 – with a strong clench of the smartphone, you can launch the camera or any other application. The phone housing will have an IP68 protection standard, which guarantees a safe water immersion for half an hour.


  • Display: 5.99- inch QHD+ 18:9 aspect ratio;
  • Processor: Snapdragon 845;
  • Memory: up to 6 GB of RAM, up to 256 GB via MicroSD;
  • Rear Cameras: 12MP + 16;
  • Front Camera: 8MP;
  • Battery: 3,420 mAh;
  • System: Android 8.0 Oreo with Sense 10;
  • Price: $880.

CES18: Mercedes Smart Vision EQ – Two-Seater Autonomous Vehicle

Smart-Vision EQ from Mercedes-Benz demonstrated its unique opportunities at the recent CES 2018 show in Las Vegas. It was first shown at the Frankfurt motor show in September. Engineers have completed autonomous control systems and connectivity options. The result was a car built on the platform Smart Fortwo, which is capable of winking at pedestrians. Moreover, it has the fifth autonomy level and welcomes passengers by their names.

Talking car

Thanks to the fifth autonomy level, the car does not have a steering wheel and pedals in the cabin. Mercedes says that the concept is not intended for sale to private individuals. Instead, it will be a part of the fleet of autonomous cars of the future. The company sees that in a few years such cars will come to the destination and greet their passengers by their names. They will get to know all the information needed through to the connection service between cars-taxi data and photos.


As soon as the passenger has been taken to the destination, Smart Vision EQ politely bids him farewell. An interesting feature is the car’s equipment with hygiene products. Therefore, people can, while in the salon, for example, clean their hands or have lunch.

Mercedes has updated the front display with the image of the Las Vegas Strip Boulevard, which was installed by default. During the show, he made several short trips at a distance of about 500 metres. For passengers it was absolutely new and exciting experience riding a car with the fifth autonomy level.

However, the trip was not absolutely autonomous. A technician controlled the car through the remote control. The manufacturer has not risked the safety of people in such a crowded place yet. However, the experiment gave a clear idea of what the traffic would be in the near future.

CES 18: Furrion Prosthesis – the World’s First Giant Exoskeleton for Racing

At CES 2018, Furrion introduced quite a bizarre machine. Guests of the event took her for a fighting robot. Nevertheless, in fact, the machine is not intended for combat. This is a huge exoskeleton, which a person must control within the cabin. The movements of the machine will depend entirely on the human commands. It is known that it is almost 4.5 m in height, 5.4 m in width. Prothesis weighs about 3600 kg. Co-founders Furrion Matt and Aaron Fiedler told CES that the name of the mechanism was Prosthesis. Moreover, they are sure the mech race is going to be a real kind of sport in the nearer future.

A New Kind of Robotsport

They was mulling over the opinion of analysts that the future of sports depends largely on robots for a long time. They are sure that nowadays such giant objects are exactly relevant. So far, the mechanism does not move too fast – less than 36 km / h. Moreover, it depends on how the operator sets the limits. The founders explained that the moves come from the reinforcement of the pilot’s movements, without any control panels or joysticks. The frame is made of chrome steel – a highly effective alloy used in the aerospace industry.


Engineers said they were inspired by the projects of Jonathan Tippett, who had already tried to make a 4,000-kilogram machine move with the human inside it. Then there was no issue of racing. Furrion decided that the next step would be to build the improved mech to run the first trial race.

Furrion is going to continue innovating with the creation of smaller and more flexible mechanisms. The inventors also said that the team would produce a model that could be bought for racing.

Segway’s Loomo Robot Can be Used As A Hoverboard, Trolley or Surveillance System

In 2016 the company Segway-Ninebot demonstrated a very original Segway Advanced Personal Robot – a self-balancing robot on two wheels. Since then, work on the product has continued. Now the company has brought to CES 2018 a new version. It’s called Loomo.

Your small clever puppy

The device has no hands and received a new Lego design. Loomo can be used as a regular hoverboard or as an autonomous trolley for the transportation of goods. For example, users can drive to the store on Loomo, and then transfer the purchases to the robot to drive them on the way back while going light. Also, Loomo can follow the user and take pictures or work as a robot of the surveillance system.


Loomo runs Android, which allows developers to expand its functionality via applications. By the way, the version for developers is already shipped to interested customers. The consumer version will be ready for sales “in a few weeks after the completion of CES”. But the price of new items has not yet been reported.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will surpass the iPhone X in absolutely everything, and will cost less


The announcement of the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S9 will take place in the end of the next month. A few days ago, the South Korean corporation officially introduced the 8-core Exynos 9810 processor, which will be the basis of the future novelty. In addition to this, some new details about the next Samsung flagship came out. It will be presented on February 26 as part of the Galaxy Unpacked 2018 event in Barcelona.

Journalists of Korea Herald received the detailed specifications of the processor Exynos 9810 and carefully studied them. After that they realized that Samsung Galaxy S9 will surpass iPhone X absolutely in everything except the price. According to the source, the new chipset has the support of a face scanner, which is better than the one in the iPhone X. It is safer and faster, and still allows you to create a full 360-degree 3D model of the head. What’s more, it can also be used in the darkness.


Samsung vs iPhone

In addition, the chipset Exynos 9810 supports video recording in 4K at a rate of 120 frames per second. For comparison, the smartphone iPhone X is the only mobile device in the world that can record video in this resolution, but at a speed of 60 frames per second. It turns out that Samsung Galaxy S9 will be faster than iPhone.

The power of the Exynos 9810 processor, if Samsung’s statements are honest, is so great that it can bypass the Apple A11 Bionic chip installed in the iPhone X. In other words, the Galaxy S9 flagship can perform tasks faster, while spending less power. Most likely, it will become the fastest phone in the world.

Also, Samsung could develop a kind of analog of Animoji. If the source is right, then the new South Korean phone will not surpass iPhone X only in the price, the novelty will cost less than $ 1000.

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