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Nexus Earth Partners and SingularutyNET will Integrate Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain Technology

Nexus Earth Partners has announced a partnership with blockchain platform SingularityNET. They will conduct research on the joint use of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. As reported on the company’s official website, this cooperation can lead to the creation of a blockchain AI as the most secure and flexible infrastructure.

The head of SingularityNET, David Hanson, stressed that this technology might become the most valuable in the history of mankind.

” It will become the single most valuable technology in all of history. This is the chance for us to change the world together,” Hanson said.


Both companies seek to decentralize artificial intelligence and increase its safety, create technologies that will benefit society, rather than individual corporations and governments. Moreover, they set themselves the task of reducing the cost of artificial intelligence and making it accessible to more people.

The world’s most famous humanoid robot Sofia is based on artificial intelligence, loaded into the SingularityNET blockchain platform.


Artificial Intelligence Becomes a Jury in the Photo Contest

International Business Times starts the contest of architectural photography with an artificial intelligence acting as a jury. It was created by the developers of the well-known mobile app EyeEm. Developers say that the system is able to analyze the images according to a number of criteria: from identification of objects on the photo to evaluating the aesthetic features of the photo.


The Graphic City competition is dedicated to architectural minimalism. Mangers ask participants to focus on geometric elements, corners, and curves. They want photographers to send visually concise photos. Recruitment continues until February 12.

EyeEm is one of the most popular photo apps. The number of users is equal to approximately 20 million people all over the world. Technologies of AI in the program have been used for a few years – mostly for sorting photos regarding the themes and categories.


CES18: Solana. The New Attractive Sex-Robot from RealDoll

Not so long ago the first sex-robot Harmony from the RealDoll Company was presented to the world. It was not merely a commercial step. Developers stated it was an experiment and engineers wanted to understand what kind of emotions machines cause: disgust or interest. This year, at CES the company released RealDoll Harmony’s sister with a new face, updated AI and several new features. They tried to make it even more realistic. The new robot received the unusual name Solana.

real doll creator.png

Its first difference is blonde hair. The creator of the robot Matt McMullen explained that the robot’s appearance is universal, as everyone loves blonde-haired women. Switching in the Harmony application to another robot, one can choose the personality features and make an individual profile and an avatar. The user can easily move and add various faces to one and the same robot. The app users get the opportunity create the unique character of their Solana robot, talk to it, working with an algorithm that processes and remembers the answers just like with the previous sex AI.


Currently, the company is creating a body equipped with a great deal of sensors that allow it to react to touch and give to AI the ability to move. The engineer added that he wanted to get a moving robot, but as for now, he has built a torso that gestures and rotates. Until then, McMullen was able to collect around 20 bots, and already has the same number of pre-orders. During an interview at the CES scene, he said that he was also working on the development of male sex bots.

CES18: Aeolus. Humanoid Robot with Household Assistance Function

After years of working on devices that can limit a human from routine domestic work, a mechanism capable of becoming a helpful assistant finally emerged. The robot Aeolus, represented by the eponymous company, made a real sensation at the CES exhibition this year.

One of the functions that the robot demonstrated was getting any food or drinks that the person requires out of the refrigerator, and delivering them. Moreover, Aeolus is able to become a useful helper in the family. He can walk around the house, pick up scattered things and put them in the right places in view of his ability to recognize thousands of objects. It also has a modular grip on the left side for holding a vacuum cleaner or a broom to clean the rooms. He can also easily move the furniture, if there is a need.


We have seen many robots with the same features that usually cost hundreds of thousands dollars. For example, the advanced robot PR2 is still only a multimillion-dollar research. Nevertheless, Aeolus should already go on sale at the end of this year. It will be comparatively cheap; its cost is going to be equal to $20,000.

It is worthy of note that despite the declared functions, the video of the robot is exciting. According to it, Aeolus has more specific functions than a common AI. A house is a chaotic environment. Nowadays avoidance of obstacles is not a difficult task for a robot. However, remembering the placement of objects and moving them to the right places is a complicated goal. It is doubtful whether the robot Aeolus is able to cope with it.

Risks in The Cryptocurrency Market. How to Avoid Them?

It is incredibly difficult to keep up with the cryptocurrency market. Even experienced traders cannot predict which altcoins are worth investing in and which are not. It is also problematic to follow continual fluctuations of cryptocurrency. That is why new investors should be ready for various difficulties and failures.


There are a couple of platforms that check the functioning of varied cryptocurrencies today. Therefore, we can frequently see how cryptocurrency investors are constantly examining their phones looking for news concerning their favourite token or cryptocurrency. However, one should remember that not every piece of information deserves our attention. Particularly new traders need experience in the cryptocurrency market to be able to distinguish veritable information from faked.

CryptoPing as the main source of information for cryptocurrency investors
Fortunately, we have CryptoPing today. It is a bot that informs about all the actions on the market. Moreover, it is available free of charge.


This service can provide new data, for example, price/volume percentage increase. It also supplies information from a number of currency trading platforms. Moreover, it is developing the ability to investigate the news and social media posts. This uncommon feature will help to predict variations in prices even for assets, which are not yet on an exchange platform.


CryptoPing gives experienced traders an opportunity to publish their trading knowledge. Owing to this, new investors can follow their steps. It is important to subscribe to CryptoPing, whereas non-subscribers do not have an opportunity to follow other traders. Furthermore, they get signals only after all subscribers have received them.

Lie Theory: Artificial Intelligence Can Do It!


Researchers from the University of Maryland and Dartmouth College has trained artificial intelligence to recognize lie. The artificial neural network has a name DARE (Deception Analysis and Reasoning Engine) and it copes with lie detection by reading mimics and recognition of voice timbre. Only five minor changes in the expression of people’s faces are believed to indicate that someone is lying. They are frowning, raising eyebrows, twisting the lip, protruding the lip and turning the head.

The program evaluated the veracity of the testimony on 15 video recordings from the court. During the tests, the program correctly identified the lie in the answers to questions of the judge in 92% of cases. For people, this index was equal to only 81%.


A database containing 121 videos with a staged trial was used for the training of the algorithm. However, the authors of the program point out one limitation: systems rely on staged trials. In real life, defendants can lie much better, because they are more motivated.

Robot Libratus Won 1.8 Million Dollars at Texas Hold’em


Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University (Pennsylvania) developed an algorithm that defeated four of the strongest players in the so-called Texas Hold’em (one of the most popular varieties of poker).

Poker players plan actions based on information about cards, as well as studying the mimicry and behavior of rivals. For the program, this approach is too complicated, so earlier developers of algorithms for playing poker used various ways to facilitate its task.

However, the system of artificial intelligence developed by American scientists called Libratus can think “abstractly”. The algorithm is able to find common features in various combinations of cards, bets and other elements of the game. If an opponent chooses an unexpected way out, then Libratus processes its consequences separately with the help of a supercomputer. Successful versions are recorded in a special “strategy log”, which Libratus uses in subsequent rounds.

In the course of working on the system, scientists first tested it in games with previously created algorithms for poker, and then invited four leading players to Texas Hold’em and organized a tournament with a prize fund of 200 thousand dollars, 10% of which was guaranteed to each of the famous players. As a result, the tournament ended in a complete defeat of people – at the end of the game, there were chips for 1.8 million dollars on the hands of Libratus. If the tournament was held by all rules, then the entire prize fund would have gone to artificial intelligence.


The developers emphasized that techniques they developed when creating this artificial intelligence system are not specific to poker. They surely can be used to solve any other problems when there is a lack of information for making a decision.

Earlier great success in this area has been made by Google-owned company DeepMind. The AlphaGo algorithm easily defeated the world’s strongest Go players. Recently the company introduced an improved version of the program that defeated AlphaGo and mastered chess and shogi.

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